STP: IEEE instead of PVST

When changing STP modes back to default it shows “Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee“.
The thing is that the ping between two hosts in different vlans with router on a stick configurations is not working anymore.

Off course, then I have checked the ping from the router to the hosts and they worked. I have turned to the first host, re-pinged the second host, and it worked.
The ping from second host to the first host was working since I have changed the spanning-tree to pvst.

SW3(config-if)#spa mode pvst
SW3(config)#do sh spa vl 20

  Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee
  Root ID    Priority    32768
             Address     001f.c958.1a80
             Cost        19
             Port        22 (FastEthernet0/22)
             Hello Time   2 sec  Max Age 20 sec  Forward Delay 15 sec

  Bridge ID  Priority    32788  (priority 32768 sys-id-ext 20)
             Address     0019.563a.9580
             Hello Time   2 sec  Max Age 20 sec  Forward Delay 15 sec
             Aging Time 300

Interface        Role Sts Cost      Prio.Nbr Type
---------------- ---- --- --------- -------- --------------------------------
Fa0/3            Desg LRN 19        128.3    P2p
Fa0/13           Desg LRN 19        128.13   P2p
Fa0/22           Root LRN 19        128.22   P2p

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