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TSHOOT 2014 Topology

TSHOOT 2014 Topology

Based on the topology modified by Khaled from GNS3 Talk I have recreated the tshoot 2014 topology in order for me to understand it. There are a few changes (interface names), but overall this not changes the topology.

I am taking the CISCO TSHOOT (642-832) exam soon enough and I wanted to be prepared for it. I’ve followed Khaled’s explanations and I am ready to pass the exam.

This topology can be found on cisco’s TSHOOT Exam’s page: or here: CISCO TSHOOT 2014 Topology

Keep in mind that the topology will change, my guess is every 3 years. On 2011 it was a different topology, check Jeremy’s tshoot videos.
On CLN (Cisco Learning Network) there is this page that has some important stuff on now to prepare for the exam:

To have a feeling about this exam you may want to click this link: